30 April 2010

Our life lyrics.

500 Days of Summer. Nail varnish. Ribena. Matilda. Photos. Literature. Music. Friends. Bed. Picnics. Kate Nash. Flowers. Sunshine. Shopping. Sunnies. Sandals. Overspending. Daydreaming. Piercings. Scouting For Girls. Yellow. London. Tiffany. Kings of Leon. Festivals. Lilac. Camping. Cold beer. Bunnies. Love. Parks. Tea. Tan. Shorts. Selfridges. Twitter. Mascara. Blonde. Earrings. CHANEL. Dreaming about CHANEL. Lust. Glitter. Lipgloss. Summer. Bags. Bracelets. Procrastinating. Scarves. Dancing. Intoxication. Kirby grips. Fringe. Red hair. Sparkles. Secrets. Loud. Tic-Tacs. Haribo. People. Chicken. Eating outside. Achievements. Silence. Colour. Singing badly. Fuck you, whore. Bitching. New York. Private jokes. Smiling. Cereal. Star signs. Believing. Ice cream. Family. Turtles. Excitement. Promises. Plans. Stationary. Glasses. Sunday dinner. Politics. Lyrics. Watches. Tumblr. Words. Thoughts. Dreams. Future.


  1. Thanks for the follow! I've just been reading through your blog and it's lovely, you both have a gorgeous way with words. Looking forward to reading more, following you!

  2. I love the illustration of you above :)) I'm haribo addicted !