3 July 2010


So, we did it- we did the deed, took the plunge, dotted the 'i's and crossed the 't's... and now L and I are going to be living together!

It may not be the most glamorous abode in The City, think a lack of natural light and a few lingering smells and a severe lack of wardrobe space resulting in a possible conversion of the dining room into a dressing room, but as of now, we are flatmates.

Cue endless Ikea trips as we try to turn the plain, slightly grubby flat into our home- we need both of our personalities to combine, and thankfully we both have a taste for the kitsch and the floral. Think scattered cross-stitched cushions sourced from Portobello, Cath Kidston china and our cookbooks (mine unused, while L's are full of post-its and notes on how to improve Jamie Oliver's Lemon chicken or Nigella's mince pies) crammed into the tiny kitchen.

This means grown up jobs to do: things like paying the bills, buying toilet roll, remembering to lock the back door- but it also means one huge sleepover with one of my best friends, minus the sleeping bags and the arguments over who takes the floor. "But you're the guest!" "But it's your home!"

It means a shoulder whenever I need one, it means cosy nights in with hot chocolate - and when we perfect the recipe we shall post it here- and random evenings after a long day of hard slog with nothing to show for it, drinking wine in our pyjamas and bitching about the world. This will result in needing the ultimate hangover breakfast- which we shall also post here once we have it perfected. (Expect this one in the not too distant future)

But for now, our lives are more B&Q than H&M and we need some help with finding cute, quirky furniture for our City Girls pad which we aim to turn into a glamorous hub of creative genuis.

Here are a few of our pics, but if you find anything you think we might like- please please please let us know.

Lots of love, Lx and A ♥
Patchwork cushion: Matalan

Floral cushion: John Lewis

Bracelet cushion: John Lewis (J'adore this)

Vintage Union Jack cushion: John Lewis

Magazine rack: Matalan (one of the most important items in our house)

Satin duvet cover: Matalan (too tacky?!)

Floral duvet: Matalan

Dressing gown: Cath Kidston (x2 please)

Oven glove: John Lewis (I'm a lover)

Tea for one? John Lewis (Would love to find a cheaper one which is just as cute??)

Tea cups: Cath Kidston

Plates: Cath Kidston (L's scrummy meals require equally as yummy plates)