14 June 2010

Review: Kate Nash

I've been a massive fan of Kate Nash from the very beginning. Her debut album, Made of Bricks came as somewhat as a shock to me because the majority of songs from it were already on my 'most played' list on itunes months before they were released except my versions didn't have as much as a backing track as those featured on the album. I'm also extremely proud tell (read: show off) people at every chance I get that I paid just SEVEN POUNDS in 2006 for my first ticket to see her (where I met her band, heard her rehearsing and was stood at the barrier - literally metres away). In 2007 I paid more than double that and was stood behind the many screaming girls who only knew the words to Foundations and Birds. In essence, I guess you can say Nash is probably my favourite singer/songwriter of the last few years which yes, does make my view bias.

However, call me a shit fan, but I didn't even realise she had a new album in the pipeline so when my friend told me she'd pre-ordered it on Play.com I was straight on there, doing the same and eagerly awaiting it's arrival and it was definitely worth it.

It's not by any means comparable to Made of Bricks, which, unsurprisingly is one of the few albums I have a hard copy of that isn't scratched and that I know all the words to every song but it's still amazing. It's very typically-Kate - that's something I love about her, she's so unique; her voice, her lyrics, her music. I also adore the way I can relate to everything she sings about; she doesn't sing about ridiculous things, she sings about real things and isn't afraid to admit that she's been fucked over one too many times in her lifetime, she isn't afraid to express her true feelings about people and things and okay, maybe she does swear a lot, but so what?

My Best Friend Is You has a summer vibe to it and I have a funny feeling it'll be my soundtrack to 2010. And I already know all the words to most of the songs but I still have a good 12 weeks or so to polish up before I see her for a fourth time at V Festival.

And incase you're interested, my favourites are Later On and I Hate Seagulls.

L x