30 May 2010

City Girl goes country.

Ok, before I start I feel that a little description is required:

I have been with The Boy for 3 years now, and things are very good. He's tall, dark, quirky and has a very nice bum.

So, last week The Boy suggested we go away for the week just to somewhere in the country, just to get away from it all.

Now, I like the country- I have no issues with bugs or dirt (maybe not showering for a week) but generally I like a bit of fresh air. I do worry with all the pollution I inhale, and thought this might be a good way to spend a few days before I start a hideously boring office job (and not even a City office job).

However, I am now sitting in the middle of my wardrobe with no ideas what to take for a bloody week in the country as I don't think my new Chloe-a-like snakeskin wedges or shiny new vintage (oxymoron?!) dress are going to be of any use when activities on the agenda include walking and 'being adventurous'. Maybe we could have been adventurous enough and booked a week in Ibiza- I hear the beach can be a very adventurous place during June.

I also have no trainers to speak of, and the last time I wore an anorak I was 6 and even then I made sure it was a nice, probably not too weatherproof, pink item.

So now I panic- is Millets open on a Sunday at 5? Will Cath Kidston be open tomorrow so I can go and buy one of those fabulously kitch patterned macs? Oooh and a picnic basket. And the matching blanket. And some thick socks. And a floral weekend bag. And some pyjamas- because holiday jammies are the best. And maybe a torch, does she do torches?

A ♥

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  1. just discovered your blog, from you following mine. love it - keep it up : x